Active and ongoing Projects

On-site schooling:

Apex Primary School

Apex Primary School is a one-form entry independent school catering for 3-11-year-old children (EYFS, KS1 & KS2). It is situated in Ilford, London Borough of Redbridge (Essex). The school has a current capacity for 112 pupils who attend on a full-time but non-boarding capacity. Apex Primary School has been registered with the ISA (Independent Schools Association) since November 2017 (previously with BSI and OFSTED since inception in 2004). It was last inspected by ISI in July 2019. The school incorporates all aspects of the English National Curriculum as well as additional subjects pertaining to learning Islam and the Arabic language. This unique and bespoke thematic programme of study is an adaption of the famous and well-established objectives of the Islamic charter (maqāṣid ash-sharīyʿah). We call it the UNITY curriculum.
The Apex approach to teaching and learning is based on the RUSHD model; a self-tailored pedagogy based on the well-established Problem Based Learning (PBL) concept. Our aim is to implement Apex Trust’s New Dawn Vision within the early years and primary school education in order to prepare our pupils fully for their secondary school stage and life in general - wherever that may be.

Apex Secondary School

Apex Secondary School is officially on its way! Aiming to replicate the success of our primary school, addressing the need in the community, we aim to launch the school for September 2024 enrollment. Watch this space!

Planned projects (New Dawn Vision)

Unity Tarbiyah Curriculum (UTC)

The UNITY curriculum has been a project in continuous development at Apex Primary School over the last decade. It is a unique and bespoke thematic programme of study and uses a student-centered and problem-based (PBL) approach to teaching and learning. Its core subjects have been inspired by the well-established objectives of the Islamic charter (maqāṣid ash-sharīyʿah) and the suggested methodology of teaching is the self-tailored RUSHD model (see Apex Primary School above). 

In the next phase, a selected team of practitioners will compile a set of curriculum plans (PBL/thematic; six-week modules) that are consistent with the above values (FITRA), curriculum (UNITY) and pedagogy (RUSHD).

BENEFITS: Apex Trust will fund this as an open-source (creativecommons) project. However, phase three will include the development of a comprehensive resource and assessment website (similar to Cornerstones) as well as a testing framework (UCC, see next project) that will generate funds towards the Apex Trust.

Unity Curriculum Certificate (UCC)

The Unity Tarbiyah Assessment is a testing framework that accredits and certifies students who have completed the Unity Tarbiyah Curriculum. It has five stages each lasting four years (age 3-23) and covers five core-subject areas (see Unity Curriculum above). The assessment focuses on a variety of learning competencies (see RUSHD pedagogy model above) and also includes a holistic 360 assessment (online students’ passport) of students' development and progress. The UCC can be obtained by Apex students (Primary School and Open Academy) as well as any other students who complete the Unity Tarbiya Curriculum programme.

BENEFITS: The assessments are charged (similar to the Duke of Edinburgh, Edexcel GCSE, etc.) and will generate funds towards the Apex Trust.

Unity Practitioner Certificate (UPC)

The UPC is a proposed project which aims to develop a professionally accredited teaching certificate that trains prospective practitioners on the RUSHD pedagogy model with emphasis on tarbiyah. The CPD (continuous professional development) programme is especially geared towards teachers and parents who are interested in teaching the UNITY curriculum. 

BENEFITS: The aim is to establish the UNITY curriculum as one of the leading programmes of study within the Islamic Education sector. This also includes a paid CPD programme for prospective practitioners that will generate funds towards the Apex Trust.

Unity Tarbiyah Toolkit (UTT)

The Unity Tarbiyah Toolbox is a resource platform of accredited as well as third-party materials that enhance the teaching and learning of the Unity Tarbiyah Curriculum.
We also aim to produce high-quality interactive multimedia tools (e.g., videos, memes, worksheets, etc.) that promote IEE.
Last but not least, we also aim to produce regular vlogs and other content for a range of social media platforms. These will all highlight IEE and open the floor for discussions around this topic and engagement with the wider community.

BENEFITS: In the beginning, these tools should help to promote our projects and help the wider community access high-quality material on the topic of IEE. The production cost will be covered from the marketing budget of Apex Trust.

Unity Tarbiyah Publications (UTP)

This is a long-term project that aims to publish research material, academic journals and other publications linked to the above projects. Furthermore, Apex Trust may decide to print and sell some of its resources that have been developed for the UNITY curriculum which are available for free in digital form online.

BENEFITS: This will eventually also contribute to literature of IEE and also help to generate revenue for Apex Trust.

Apex Open Academy (AOA)

The Apex Open Academy is a proposed project whereby a team of dedicated educators will take the curriculum (UNITY) and pedagogy (RUSHD) developed over the last decade at Apex Primary School to a global, online audience. The main target segment are Muslim home-schoolers (especially younger parents) who are searching for a wholesome, thematic, and values-based (Islamic ethics) online education for their children.

The aim is to develop a fully-fledged, easy-to-use online platform that enables a seamless online education of the UNITY curriculum which goes beyond the mere transferral of information from tutor to student but engages and excites students of all ages and levels. The programme will also include activities and projects that help develop students’ attitudes, skills, habits, and self-reflection practices (muḥāsabah) in line with the RUSHD model.

BENEFITS: As many parents are looking for quality online programmes, the proposed Apex Open Academy is one of the most promising projects in the near future. It is projected to generate funds towards the Apex Trust.

Apex Activity Clubs (AAC)

The Apex activity clubs are complementary to the UNITY curriculum which includes a variety of aspects that require active (out of the classroom) modules for completion. It will be open to pupils for Apex Primary School (primarily) as well as the wider public (East London) by extension.

BENEFITS: The aim is to establish a wide range of clubs for Apex pupils and the wider community that are affordable whilst also generating funds towards the Apex Trust.

Apex Supplementary School (ASS)

The Apex evening academy had its early start in autumn 2019 with a small evening “madrassah” that was running throughout the weekday evenings. A small group of pupils (from outside of Apex Primary School) were able to enjoy a taster of our UNITY curriculum. Unfortunately, this project had to be stopped due to Covid-19 measures. However, we are aiming to revive this initiative soon again - making it even bigger and better. Under the new name “Apex Supplementary School” it shall include a wide range of subjects (madrassah and tuition) all taught via our unique RUSHD pedagogy model.

BENEFITS: The aim is to offer a wide range of subjects to the wider public who would love their kids who may not be able to visit Apex Primary School throughout the day to experience some aspects of our UNITY curriculum and RUSHD pedagogy in the evenings and weekends. This will also generate funds towards the Apex Trust.

Apex Tarbiyah Tours (ATT)

The UNITY curriculum includes modules that encourage educational trips to various places of interest as well as local and/or national camping and/or residential experiences. Apex Tours aims to facilitate such trips with a core focus on nurturing (tarbiyah) of all participants - especially families. The proposed trips and travels will also help with the holistic 360 assessment of participants who wish to obtain a UCC. Possible trips may include;

  • Umrah & Hajj packages
  • Trips to Jordan (levant) and al-Quds
  • Trips to Bosnia and Andalusia 
  • Adventure residentials at Gilwell Park (Epping Forest)
  • Camping experiences in Scotland or Wales

Apex Tarbiyah Tours aims to facilitate these either alone or together with partner institutions and agencies.

BENEFITS: The aim is to establish affordable yet quality tours and packages that will generate funds towards the Apex Trust.

Apex Tarbiyah Events (ATE)

The Apex Events is the outreach programme of Apex Trust. We aim to organise regular events, public workshops, community team building activities (e.g., street plays), campfires, fun days, etc.

In addition, we aim to organise an annual Apex Tarbiyah Symposium. It aims to gather together leading scholars and thinkers in the field of Islamic pedagogy and offer the general public access to the latest developments in this area. Alongside the main event, we also plan to host an exhibition that will showcase the latest products, publications and services in Islamic schooling and education in general.

BENEFITS: This symposium will be a brilliant opportunity for  Apex Trust to promote IEE as well as to allow attendees to network. Furthermore, the symposium is also a good marketing platform where Apex trust can highlight some of their ongoing projects. The cost of hosting this event should be offset through income generated from stalls and sponsors.

Other projects

Our ongoing projects include the Apex Village that we set up with our partner charity Lonely Orphans as well as our Apex Waqf initiative.

Beyond this “New Dawn Vision”, we are already considering a handful of projects for the long-term success of Apex Trust. They may include:

  • Expansion of the current primary school premises (loft)
  • An independent Muslim Secondary School
  • Setting up a separate Early Years provision (Nursery & Reception) detached from our Primary School
  • Introducing Apex schools in other London boroughs
  • Other businesses (e.g., a restaurant, etc.) that can generate revenue for Apex Trust