New Dawn Vision

We take our inspiration from the words of Allāh in the noble Qur’ān (3:110):

’You are the best community ever raised for humanity - you encourage good, forbid evil, and believe in Allāh.’

Apex Trust was established in 2004, followed soon after by Apex Primary School, an independent school based in Ilford since 2008.


Since then, Apex Trust has been helping to support the steady growth and maintenance of Apex Primary School which is its main project at this time. Apex Trust has evolved over the years while maintaining a strong connection with its integral values in Islamic ethics and its core commitment focused on education. 


The intention has always been to serve society at large and people from all walks of life, and at all levels; from nurturing young minds at the early years and primary school level to contributing for the good of the community with service provisions and in general business dealings. 


Apex Trust intends to increase the quality of its projects with a renewed plan and strategy beginning January 2022 with a strategic three-year vision. The trust hopes to achieve all the objectives in the plan by August 2024. In that time frame, we also aim to lay down some foundations for prospective projects that are already in the pipeline. We call this plan the Apex “New Dawn Vision.”


We anticipate that 2022 will be an interesting and challenging year. Very little is yet known about the wider impact the COVID-19 pandemic will have on the educational sector and society in general. 


In any case, after two years of lockdowns and hybrid learning as well as the repercussions this has had on schools and other institutions, Apex Trust is keen on taking a positive and optimistic move forward. We will hope to do this by evaluating current and future opportunities and gaps exposed by the unprecedented events of the previous year.

Our Strategic Goals

Establish the Apex Brand

Cultivating and spreading the Apex brand in order to become the ‘go to’ hallmark for delivery of qualitative (IEE) projects and educational support.

Maintain Focus

Ensuring that what we set out to do is being committed to, as well as our principles and values remaining consistent throughout the journey. Sticking to the themes established in the vision.

Detailed Planning & Implementation

Checking and maintaining internal and external project planning is kept relevant and consistent. Keeping all stakeholders involved and updated via our set regular reports.

Financial Sustainability

Ensuring that accuracy and transparency are the fundamental factors in defining our financial stewardship.

Personal and Professional Development

Making sure that upskilling and developing our team is an absolute priority as the organisation grows, measured by frequent skill audits across the board.

Unique & Innovative Projects

All projects are constantly reviewed in order to improve and keep the edge of initiative. All projects must be planned with a theory of ‘greater change’ in mind and have their own strategy/plan. Apex will always strive to be at the forefront with regards to IEE research and development.

Be a part of the vision – A New Dawn for education, enlightenment, and community advancement.